Friday, May 10, 2013

05-10-2013, Another, the sixth this year, Caltrain (Killtrain) death down the deadly tracks from the last in Burlingame, near San Carlos.  How many more must die before the Peninsula politicians, all part of the Labor Union captive Democrat Party machine, will take action to the most logical, reasonable, safe, pro-transit solution, that is, to extend safer, already electrified and grade-separated BART from its current Millbrae (near SFO extension) 28 miles down to the San Mateo Event Center, Hillsdale Shopping Center, and heart of Silicon Valley's coming future BART station at Santa Clara University?

Following is my News station Comment posts...Let's end this madness by pressuring Assemblyman Mullin, Senator Hill, and Congresswoman Speier to fund a study to replace Caltrain with BART the last 28 miles, and free up the SF SoMa land and Peninsula stations for higher and better land use, no longer for redundant parallel rail tracks that waste transit funds.

"The Sixth Caltrain death this year already, today, 05-10-2013, next to Burlingame High School.... It is time to start the work to replace this deadly, outdated Caltrain Killtrain with BART--and finish BART Around The Bay (my blog name, too).  How can we tolerate this continuing, and never-to-end Caltrain deaths in our advanced society, especially by the particularly fatal Express trains (except those that are delayed for hours after each slaughter).  State Senator Jerry Hill and Congresswoman Speier, both of whom are quick to grandstand on fewer deaths by guns, limo's or pipeline explosions, refuse to take action to save Peninsula lives by starting a study to close the last 28 mile gap of electrified, grade-separated BART Around The Bay, to the future Santa Clara Univ. BART station from Millbrae.  Both of these politicians served on the Caltrain Board as members and chairs.  They cannot change and must be voted out if they continue to run and hide with every Caltrain Killtrain death.  These cannot continue, HSR or not!  At this point, Caltrain is only a deadly, dangerous, disjointed SJ<->SF  placeholder for HSR (High Speed Rail). HSR and BART can get along together instead. 
Kill Caltrain, sell the land, and finish BART around the Bay in the Peninsula by closing the final gap. Save lives, Save time, save congestion and pollution, and throw out the unresponsive politicians, Hill and Speier"

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